21 April 2011

I Chose To Look The Other Way

Kisah nie fiyda copy dari blog gua bukan robot,
Mohon share yer cik bukan robot..
citer nie touching sgt.. huhhhuu
korang bacalah sendirik kat bawah ni kalu nak tahu...

Touching Story :(
Girl: babe, let's meet later. I miss you.
Boy: alright, I'll just finish this round of beer.
Girl: you're drinking again?
Boy: don't worry; I'll be there, okay?
Girl: okay, I'll be waiting.
hours passed, more of the boy's friends came and they enjoyed too much that he forgot about the time.
The boy looked at his cellphone and saw four messages and 10 missed calls.
He shut his phone down to pretend his battery was drained.
The boy went home and saw his brother, panicking outside the house and looking for him.
Brother: someone called earlier! Your girlfriend's bag was snatched, but she followed the snatchers and they shot her!
Boy: don't mess with me man. Stop joking.
The boy opened his cellphone and looked at her messages.
Babe, where are you?
11:30pmBabe, why is your phone off?
Babe, there are guys following me. I'm scared. Where are you? :'(
12:00amHappy Anniversary Babe, I love you. I wanted to greet you personally, but I think I won't see you tonight. Good night babe, I hope you're not drunk when you get home.

huhuhuhu, sedih kan..

P/s buat kawan2x yang seagama, minum arak tu berdosa hukumnyer..

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